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Teen Lit Boot Camp: Fanworks and Teen Literature

Location: Online
$250 (Simmons SLIS Alumni Price $200)
August 1 - August 31, 2014 - PDPs: 15

Part of Teen Lit Boot Camp Series

Designed for librarians who are not necessarily fans of every type of teen literature, Teen Lit Boot Camp is a series of month-long workshops which will zero in on popular topics and help librarians learn what defines each, what the best titles are, and how to anticipate, and select for your teen fans. Fan created works, from fan fiction to fan art, are an increasingly visible and a richly rewarding way for fans to interact with their favorite stories. At the same time, fan works raises sticky questions about copyright and the meaning of transformative work for literature and authorship. In this workshop, we’ll examine the history of fan works, teen favorites that have inspired substantial fan communities, and trace the connections between fanworks, literacy, and community. Drawing from her research on fan works presented at the 2012 ALA Annual conference and the 2012 Young Adult Literature Symposium, Robin Brenner will offer students a chance to understand in more depth the appeal of fan culture for teens and how a new generation of teen lit authors are coming from these communities.

There will be a reading list, so sign up early to give yourself time.

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Robin Brenner: Robin Brenner is a Reference/Teen Librarian, Brookline, MA.

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