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Writing for Publication

Location: Online
$250 (Simmons SLIS Alumni Price $200)
June 1 - June 30, 2013 - PDPs: 15

The "publish or perish" syndrome is one of the most difficult aspects of academic life, especially for librarians, who often don’t receive adequate support from their institutions. This course will teach you strategies and techniques that can help you get published. Although primarily geared towards academic librarians who are interested in completing their first peer-reviewed article, individuals who have taken this course have also worked on book proposals and magazine pieces. Since each student’s needs are different, the instructor works one-on-one with each student throughout the workshop. During the first part of the course, we discuss the publishing cycle from article submission to the final step of signing an author contract. The second part of the course will focus on how to take an idea and develop it into a publishable article. Some of the topics addressed in this section will be: structuring an article to fit the style guide of a journal, the importance of doing a literature review, and strategies for time management and garnering institutional support. The last section of course will discuss strategies for getting work published. Some of the topics addressed will be: how to pick the right venue, why an article is accepted or rejected for publication, and how to rewrite an article to satisfy an editor’s or a peer-reviewer’s objections. Students are expected to have begun or to be thinking about a work for publication.

Marta Deyrup: Marta Deyrup is Professor/Librarian I at Seton Hall University Libraries.

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