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U.S. Private Company Research: More Sources Than You Think!

Location: Online
$250 (Simmons SLIS Alumni Price $200)
October 1 - October 31, 2013 - PDPs: 15

Researching U.S. private companies is vitally important to information and business professionals in both private and nonprofit settings. While public companies are highly regulated, resulting in lots of information, U.S. private companies are not required to file financial or other information, with some exceptions, thus leaving fewer sources of information about them. Nevertheless, there are more sources than you think! This course provides an extensive collection of resources used for researching U.S. private companies and includes sources that are rarely known to most researchers. You'll learn effective and necessary search techniques for answering a range of different questions such as how to develop a financial picture when financials are not readily available, the importance of researching key executives and board members with methods for finding hard-to-find information about them, how to find and access suppliers, what's required for due diligence before doing business with a company or when considering a merger or acquisition - and more. We'll discuss what the results or lack of results means and the next steps for digging more deeply using primary research techniques.

Participants will be expected to explore the tools and techniques provided in this workshop and conduct research about private companies of interest. Regular participation in class discussion is requested for best results in creating a high-quality synergistic learning environment for all participants.

Amelia Kassel: Amelia Kassel is President and owner of MarketingBase, a firm specializing in industry, company, and competitive and market intelligence research since 1982. Amelia taught at the graduate level for 15 years at the University of California, Berkeley Extension, four years as adjunct faculty at San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science, and now teaches distance education for San Jose SLIS with courses in Online Searching, Advanced Online Searching, and Competitive Intelligence Research. She also conducts workshops and gives presentations for associations and teaches in other academic settings. Amelia is author of The Super Searchers on Wall Street, contributes articles and columns to information industry publications, and operates a successful one-on-one email-based training program, The Mentor Program, for new searchers in corporations and for information professionals starting or expanding a research business.

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