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Special hour plan for Daisie S. Miller Fortune card “Miss Miller” name card The Merry Widow playbill Thanksgiving postcard

Loose Items

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Class schedule for Daisie L. Miller

This is a weekly class schedule for Daisie L. Miller

Fortune card

This is a handwritten card with the words “Stir this kettle with foaming brew/until a fortune comes for you” on it. It also has a sketch of a…

Miss Miller name card

This is a name card with a drawing of a flag with a “D” on it. The words Miss Miller have been written below it.

The Merry Widow playbill

This is a playbill for a production of “The Merry Widow” at the Tremont Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts.

Thanksgiving postcard

This is a card with an image of a hearth and fire and the inscription “Good Wishes for Thanksgiving Day.”