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Loose Items

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Advertisement for “Where the Trail Divides” at the Colonial Theatre Article about scarlet fever, with physical record of Daisie Miller Watercolor painting Visiting card of Frederick Henry Harris

Loose Items

Program for Symphony Hall Pops concert

This program marked the departure of conductor Gustav Strube and the arrival of conductor A. Macquarre. The program included popular music such as…

Program for the Concert Ticket Fund Annual Concert

Held at Huntington Chambers Hall, the concert included music by Lizst, Chopin, and Elgar. This concert was held to benefit the Thursday Practice Club…

Program for Boston Symphony Orchestra concert

This program includes advertisements and extensive program notes for the music played, which included Halm, Strauss and Mendelssohn. The…

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Advertisement for Where the Trail Divides at the Colonial Theatre

This is a clipping advertising the theatrical production Where the Trail Divides. Robert Edeson, author and star of the play, is depicted in profile.

Article about scarlet fever, with physical record of Daisie Miller

A newspaper clipping describes the outbreak of scarlet fever in Boston and the quarantine of three Simmons dormitories. The article is partially…

Watercolor painting

Two hearts pierced by arrows and linked by a golden cord are painted in watercolor around the text “April 16 1910,” beside the name “Daisie.”…

Visiting card of Frederick Henry Harris

This is a visiting card with “Mr. Frederick Henry Harris” printed in cursive script on high-quality card stock. The back of the card is blank.